Joyce Tenneson Light Warriors at Fotografiska PUG//14/
PUG//14/ Our next endeavour at Fotografiska in Stockholm is an exhibition with the american artist Joyce Tenneson.//
Jimmy Nelson with PUG// PUG with AIPAD
//We are thrilled to be working with a new and exciting artist - JIMMY NELSON
Thanks to NYTT ROM – Featuring Steinar Christensen – 2014.
Thanks to NYTT ROM - Featuring Steinar Christensen - 2014
PUG OSLO welcomes you to PhotoMarket at Fotografiska 4-6 April 2014
PhotoMarket is an art fair dedicated to contemporary photography
PUG//13/ Roger Ballen´s Theater of the Absurd/
For the past 40 years Roger Ballen has portrayed a visual reality where human beings and animals are trapped in an incomprehensible and illogical world – a Theater of the Absurd.    Related Posts 07/05/2011 • Roger Ballen 03/09/2012 • Roger Ballen// 08/14/2011 • Roger Ballen 06/09/2011 • Roger Ballen 03/21/2012 • Roger Ballen//
Mathias Olmeta
Jimmy Nelson
Roger Ballen
Nick Brandt
Steinar Christensen
Jeff Cowen
Lisa Holden
Sally Mann
Joyce Tenneson
Joel Peter Witkin
Yamamoto Masao