PUG OSLO at Photo Shanghai//
//To me photography is the most elegant art form there is. By default, its DNA speaks to the past, the present and the future. This gives it an ethereal quality, which constantly play on the eyes, the heart and the soul. Good photography is always timeless and captivating. It always leaves an impression.// Alexander Montague-Sparey  
Meet PUG OSLO at artfairs in Stockholm, London & Shanghai
In addition to creating exhibitions and events with photography as a main common denominator up in Scandinavia - we look forward to reach out to a broader audience this year, by stepping up our attendance at fairs across the globe - this year PUG will attend 3 artfairs - please mark your calendar - and do let us know if you plan to visit any of these fairs!
KERBEROS by Steinar Christensen
How does an image today let you know that it’s art? Art’s exemption relies on external valorisation procedures, which makes it sometimes difficult to untie from the torrent of digital media flotsam that crowd our perception. Digital images straddle the entire spectrum, from “worthless” jpgs cloned across numberless screens to the monumental, editioned print looming over you in a gallery...
The exhibition presents work by 3 renowned artists who live and work on 3 different continents. Jeff Cowen is recognised by his painterly and sculptural mural-sized compositions. Arno Rafael Minkkinen´s devotion is to self-portraits: unmanipulated images of the human figure in the natural and urban landscape. Yamamoto Masao is known for his small photographs, some times grouped randomly on the wall as visual Haiku poems. Their tools are a camera, film, paper and chemistry, and in their darkroom it all comes together, like magic.
Seminar // The Art Of Collecting Photography //
//THE ART OF COLLECTING PHOTOGRAPHY// On Friday December 12th, PUG and Blomqvist will hold a seminar on collecting art, focusing on contemporary photography. Our objective is to present the audience with knowledge on how to collect photography,  and to promote an international dialogue on contemporary photography. Time: Friday December 12, 2014, from 5.30 – 10.00 pm 
Venue: Blomqvist […]
Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Mathias Olmeta
Jimmy Nelson
Roger Ballen
Nick Brandt
Steinar Christensen
Jeff Cowen
Lisa Holden
Sally Mann
Joyce Tenneson
Joel Peter Witkin
Yamamoto Masao