Joel Peter Witkin//

Joel Peter Witkin//

March 26, 2012

/Artists are the people among us who realize creation didn’t stop on the sixth day/ Joel Peter Witkin

Artists find references when working not only for inspiration, but also to be challenged and for answers in order to create. Joel Peter Witkin is one of the most controversial artists of our time, his references in his work is deep and entrenched in our cultural history. Many view his work and find themselves asking questions,  many turn away in fear and disgust not understanding the work at hand.  But the intriguing work is referenced to again and again, and he will continue to challenge our sense and the contemporary tabu’s that are an essential part of life// death, beauty, sexuality, politics, religion… in all life.

His work is extensiv.  PUG has fortunately been able to present a collection of his work at  PUG Paleet in Oslo.

Open Monday – Saturday// 10am-18pm

An interview with Witkin  // La Lettre de la

Joel-Peter Witkin by Elizabeth Avedon