Jeff Cowen

Jeff Cowen

//A Photograph is a Myth about a Delusion//

Jeff Cowen [1966] was born in New York City, and he currently lives and works in Berlin. Upon graduation in Oriental Studies as from New York University and Waseda University in Tokyo in 1988, he worked as an assistant to Ralph Gibson and Larry Clark, as he photographed intensively on the streets of New York.

Cowen is constantly testing the boundaries between photography, painting, drawing and sculpture. His artistic approach was influenced and altered by his study of drawing and painting, using photography as a medium, he works with the figure, the landscape, abstraction and the still life,

The artist is interested in what he calls the non-moment, the point in time just before or after something has happened. He works on thick silver based paper, which he cuts, collages and attacks with various chemicals and specialized darkroom techniques, with the purpose of creating form and depth to his work.

PUG OSLO presented his work in two different exhibitions. The artist’s large tactile works were presented with Yamamoto’s small tales of wisedom in an old vacant apartment [PUG//10]. He was also presented in the exhibition /Cowen/Minkkinen/Yamamoto/ at Blomqvist Auction House. Cowen’s work will be presented at PhotoMarket at Fotografiska. 

Cowen has been based in Europe since 2001 where he has had numerous solo and group shows. There are over one hundred collections and institutions around the world that have acquired Mr. Cowen’s work.



Jeff Cowen’s work is  available. Please contact the gallery for further information on prices and availability.