Martin Denker

“I want to show a planet infested with a species in rage, in acceleration and constant motion in that, becoming an abstract phenomenon. But I also want to show how much beauty we can find in this development we’re in, when we see it as an adventure or a challenge. My images stand for the high speed insanity we’re facing every day..”// martin denker

Martin Denker [1976], a German artist creates an explosively personal, fantastical vision straddling — Surrealism, Pop, and Psychedelia.

He constructs his images from a multitude of appropriated photographic and visual sources including news, advertising, pornography, and film-stills. Constantly inspired by the stimuli around him, from the internet, video games, psychotherapy, and art history, the images are orchestrated via image-processing/altering applications, into large-scale photographic works.