Steinar Christensen

Steinar Christensen

//Look. And then look again.

The first you notice might be the aesthetics. And if you look again, you might discover the other side.//

Steinar Christensen [1946] is a Norwegian artist that uses a diversity of medias to express his work.

He is known for his monumental steel sculptures, star installations, international performances and his photographic still-lifes with reference to The Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century.

Christensen has developed an advanced still-life aesthetic expression, where he includes contemporary elements and anachronism. Christensen has worked within a variety of media and with different materials, often in collaboration with experts in specific disciplines.

His newest work is a series //Kerberos// where he uses photography as a medium to express the subject of death. Kerberos /the dog of Hades/ guards the entrance to hell, he devours the flesh of those who pass. This work will be presented for the first time at PhotoMarket.

The artist is also known as a professor at Western Norway’s Academy of Fine Arts, Konsthøgskolan Valand in Gothenburg, visiting professor at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, as well as professor and dean of the National Art Academy.

Christensen’s work has been exhibited in renowned galleries in Norway and abroad. He has represented Norway at La Biennial di Venezia, and his work is included in numerous private and museum collections, including the National Gallery, Henie-Onstad Art Centre, Oslo Municipality’s Art Collection, Statoil Art Collection and the Norwegian Cultural Council.

A small selection of Mr Christensens recent work is presented below. Please contact us for further information on prices and availability.