Press preview//June 14th at 3 p.m. – Martin Denker will be present.

Vernissage//June 15th at 6 p.m. – through August 14th

Place//Blomqvist Fine Art, Tordenskioldsgt 5, Oslo


Roger BALLEN /The Asylum/

Martin DENKER  /High Speed Insanity/

Sally MANN  /At Twelve/

Vik MUNIZ  /Pictures of Chocolate/ & /Erotica/

Andres SERRANO /Early work/

Joel Peter WITKIN /Master-works/


The exhibition /HIGH SPEED INSANITY/ presents six independent artists.  Their common denominator is their ability to deconstruct in order to construct, where photography is used as the form of artistic expression.

They all use recognizable references from the arts. In Witkin´s work one sees the older masters such as Botticelli, Possein and Courbet, in adjacent to the influence of Francisco Goya and Edvard Munch. The latter artists are also easily recognizable in Serrano´s provocation of religion.  In Denker’s work one traces the influence that the collage artists have of the 20’s & 30’s such as Juan Miro, Max Ernst and later Ernst Schwitters. Roger Ballen´s world of the subconscious is often compared to Man Ray´s sense of form, revealing Ballen´s interest in Jean Dubuffet´s ‘Art Brut’. Even the classic sculptors such as Henry Moore and David Smith are prevalent in the exceptional works by Vic Muniz. In contrast, poetry and 19th century photographers such as Julia Margareth Cameron and Eugene Atget have been Sally Mann´s source of inspiration in capturing the sensual innocence.

The artists investigate their environment and offer the viewer the option to individual interpretation. The intention of the exhibition is to gather a collection of artwork to challenge our illusions in order to fuel a debate.

“…Maybe these photographs can help us navigate through the obstacles of life? There are a lot of good opportunities in sound provocation. Good art raises questions, tears down borders and questions our ability to see and understand. It makes us reconsider our values and approach to life and other people. As long as it is not based on violence or abuse most things may be considered human. As Terentius, a roman playwright living from 190-159 BC, said: «I am a human being, so nothing human is strange to me.»”//excerpt from the catalogue text by Lars Elton

The title /HIGH SPEED INSANITY/ is a Martin Denker quote.

/HIGH SPEED INSANITY/ is collaboration between PUG and Mr. Jack Helgesen