PUG//15/  COWEN // MINKKINEN // YAMAMOTO at Blomqvist

PUG//15/  COWEN // MINKKINEN // YAMAMOTO at Blomqvist.

Our next endeavour is an exhibition presenting work by Jeff Cowen, Arno Rafael Minkkinen and Yamamoto Masao at Blomqvist in Oslo. The exhibition opens on December 10th at 6 pm – both Jeff Cowen and Arno Rafael Minkkinen will be present.

The seminar //The Art of Collecting Photography// takes place on December 12th.


The exhibition presents work by 3 renowned artists who live and work on 3 different continents. Jeff Cowen is recognised by his painterly and sculptural mural-sized compositions. Arno Rafael Minkkinen´s devotion is to self-portraits: unmanipulated images of the human figure in the natural and urban landscape. Yamamoto Masao is known for his small photographs, some times grouped randomly on the wall as visual Haiku poems. Their tools are a camera, film, paper and chemistry, and in their darkroom it all comes together, like magic.

The exhibition is a result of a close collaboration between PUG and Blomqvist, Norway´s oldest auction house. Blomqvist celebrate 100 years in the beautiful space where the old masters, Matisse, Munch and Picasso challenge our contemporary artists. PUG [Pop Up Gallery] is a gallery that promotes contemporary photography by internationally renowned artists. The past 7 years PUG has curated 15 exhibitions on various art scenes in Oslo and at Fotografiska in Stockholm.


Jeff Cowen and Arno Rafael Minkkinen will do artist talks and book signings at Litteraturhuset on December 11th. The artist talk is fully booked. A collaboration between Bilder Nordic School of Photography and PUG.


The seminar ‘The Art of Collecting Photography’ with international experts from Christies will take place at Blomqvist on December 12th – starting at 17.30.

The seminar is a collaboration between Blomqvist, PUG and Christies.

Find the entire program and link to registration HERE.


Works by JEFF COWEN at Blomqvist

Works by ARNO RAFAEL MINKKINEN at Blomqvist

Works by YAMAMOTO MASAO at Blomqvist