On Photography and The Gallery //Catherine Edelman //

September 29, 2016

Bilder Nordic

School of Photography




A Lecture by

The Passionate Gallerist

Catherine Edelman

On Photography  &  The Gallery

October 17th // at 5.30pm

Cinemateket // Filmenshus


29 years ago Catherine Edelman Gallery opened in Chicago

with the Ballad of Sexual Dependency by Nan Goldin.

We are proud to present a lecture by the passionate gallerist Catherine Edelman. She opened the Catherine Edelman Gallery [CEG] in 1987, and it quickly established itself as one of the leading galleries in the US devoted exclusively to the art of photography.

From its inception, the goal of the gallery was to exhibit prominent contemporary photographers alongside new & young talent, showcasing a broad range of subject matter and photographic techniques.

In a contemporary evolving environment, the vision of the gallery is important. Catherine’s key passion lies in the challenging cooperation with the artists, cultivating them and presenting them through exhibitions, artist talks, the Cyclops blog and the gallery’s online /Chat  Room/ conversations.

Art Fairs are at the core of a dynamic art world. AIPAD [Association of International Photography Art Dealers]; serves as a strong member based association where cooperation is based on long-term experience within the business of Fine Art Photography. As President Catherine is a dynamic part of the development of the landscape of  photography. With broad knowledge and experience in cultivating artists at the cutting edge of photography, Catherine holds a rare insight into this constantly shifting world.



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//Catherine Edelman Gallery//

CEG has shown everything from street photography, fashion photography, traditional landscape, social-conscious work to images created as a springboard for story-telling.

29 years ago, Catherine completed her MFA in Photography at the Art Institute of Chicago. Since the gallery’s founding in 1987, it quickly established itself as one of the leading galleries in the Midwest devoted to the exhibition of prominent contemporary photographers alongside local, new & young talent, showcasing a broad range of subject matter.

The gallery exhibits in major art fairs throughout the country and is widely respected as a leader, educator and expert in the field of photography.

Edelman has curated numerous group shows at the gallery, including PROOF (2010), which featured 26 photographers who exhibited contact sheets alongside the chosen photograph; Under the Influence (2006), which brought together work from 19 photographers who pay homage to specific images or artists from history; a major exhibition, Killer Shots: A Photographic Response to War (2003) as a response to the war in Iraq. The show featured 34 photographers and showcased photographs from numerous conflicts starting with Vietnam and moving to the present. The exhibit traveled to Indiana University Art Gallery and San Francisco Camerawork. Others Among Us: Works of the Amish, Hutterites & Mennonites (2001), featuring work by Kristin Capp, George Tice, Larry Towell & Laura Wilson. The show debuted in Chicago and traveled to The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art in Iowa.

Catherine Edelman is an active member of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) and currently serves as its president.

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