PUG OSLO to Present Arno Rafael Minkkinen at Kyotographie

March 10, 2016
//Arno Rafael Minkkinen: showing self-portraits of his nude body in natural landscapes, Minkkinen fully merges his limbs and torso with the surroundings. Like a chameleon, he blurs the lines between where the world ends and his body begins.//

Kyotographie 2016

Circle of Life// 

The Circle is the ultimate system, representing the birth, life,

and death of all Nature’s creations. Everything is

connected to this circle, intersecting and expanding.

Creating a powerful pattern, showing us the fragility and

beauty of our existence. Through our exhibitions everyone is

invited to imagine their own role in the great “Circle of Life”

Kyotographie 2016

Kyotographie 2016 is the 4th edition of the festival dedicated to photography. Their program is extensive, with exhibitions, artist-talks, lectures, portfolio reviews, and workshops. Every year the festival is based on a theme, this year being Circle of Life.

Kyotographie opens on April 23 and will last until May 22 2016. The list of artists at Kyotographie ; Sarah Moon, Christian Sardet, Eriko Koga, Kikujiro Fukushima, Antony Cairns, Thierry Bouët, Chris Jordan, Jurgen Lehl, Erwin Olaf, and Arno R. Mikkinen.


Arno Rafael Minkkinen - Title Kilberg, Vardø, Norway 1990 - Courtesy PUG

Kilberg, Vardø, Norway, 1990


Mouth of the River

Snake in the Water

Bones of the Earth

Minkkinen’s exhibition YKSI:ONE will be presented at Kyotographie in the oldest Zen Temple, Ryosokuin (Kenning Temple) in Kyoto. The ethereal black and white self-portraits   will present a serene experience in this beautiful space. The exhibition will have a 3-phase theme to be presented by Minkkinen.



Please look at their online schedule and program is presented HERE 

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